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MD and MA

I have put together several new pages for our website this week.

Massachusetts and Maryland education opportunities are the goals of these two posts.

Readers interested in going to school for a graphic design education may check out some prospective colleges.

These schools may offer either full degree programs or just a group of strongly related classes.

Those pages are all set up today, if you are serious about it, you could look at them here via MA schools or MD schools.

If you already graduated from a school in either of these states and you would like to shoot us a quick review of your experience there, we would really like reading about it.

Years First

The first page of the new year is about school opportunities in Maine.

Hope to attend a school up in the northeast? This latest page talks about that.

This post has a selection of schools that have graphic arts programs.

It really isn’t that difficult to find a school, but finding the right one, now that’s a bit harder.

If you are curious about Maine, you could go to that ME state page right now.

Do you have any comment regarding the colleges shown on this page? We listen.

What about Kansas

What about Kansas indeed. The most recent page on our website discusses Kansas universities and specialty coaching institutions within the state.

There is a small form towards the bottom of this page that enables the perspective student to put in their name and email address. This info can be made available to the schools the student is thinking about. A school admissions official may then call the student and discuss the option of enrolling at their college.

There are lots of different alternatives available through these different colleges, so you have a great deal of choices to pick from.

Your career could get moving by starting the appropriate education and training. Look at the new KS page.

Have a bone to pick with a Kansas college? Our site would enjoy learning about your experience there.

New Posted Pages

Our newest pages were published to our site yesterday.

These new pages are focused on colleges and vocation training in Hawaii and Idaho.

There is a brief form near the bottom of each of these pages that allows you to put in your email address and name. This information can be given to the one or two schools you are seriously considering.

A college admissions specialist can then connect with you and explore the opportunity of attending their college.

The schools shown at these pages include big universities and then down to modest career training institutions.

You could see more regarding the university options offered in this state by visiting the HI page or the ID page now.

We know that our site visitors like to examine feedback from actual students, so in case you have any comments to share, please go on and email them to us.

Page for GA Students

The newest page on our site is a post regarding colleges in the Georgia area.

The objective of this page is to consider education options around Atlanta and the rest of Georgia.

This webpage features a form that allows readers to seek out Georgia institutions that might be suitable for his or her needs.

A number of the schools listed offer strictly brief, rigorous instruction programs, while others supply bachelor diplomas.

That new page is all set, so if you are interested, you could see GA schools here.

Have you got any observations about any of these schools you would like to share? Email it to us.

CT Students

Connecticut students now have their own page at our site.

This new page is centered around education and vocational training in Connecticut.

This page makes it simple for visitors who are thinking about attending school in this state to find a program which could suit their needs.

Some of the schools noted are popular universities, while others might be small private and specialty career training centers.

That page is ready, so if you are interested, you may have a look at it here — CT Schools.

Do you already have any type of previous experience attending any one of these schools? You can let us know about it.

CO Page

If you’re in Colorado, we have a new page that may appeal to you.

Our latest page is for students who are thinking of enrolling in school in Colorado.

There is a nice checklist at this page of in-state colleges that offer courses in design.

You might know most of the colleges shown, but there could be a couple that you don’t.

You could look at that page by going here.

Is your old college not on that list for some reason? Tell us about it.

Pages for Individual States

Residents of California have various alternatives when it comes to schools.

We have published two new pages and the center of focus of these pages are career training programs within California and Arkansas.

A list of universities with graphic design degree opportunities are featured at these pages.

You will find institutions that supply web-based courses as well as in-class training.

You could take a look at these new pages now. Visit CA for California or Click on AR for Arkansas.

You can talk about your college experience with us if you want to email us a brief review of your time at that school.

Two Pages

We have a few new pages now.

In these pages, we investigate Alabama and Arizona career training choices.

There are lists of educational institutions at these pages which supply courses in the graphic arts.

The degrees offered by these institutions vary a lot, so you have plenty of options.

You can get to these pages by clicking on their link:

AL is for the Alabama page; AZ is for the Arizona page.

Did you go to a fine school you want to tell us about?

Design Change

We have made a massive change in this website today.

We moved the website from a static page to a WordPress driven page.

Hopefully, we have straightened most of the bugs and problems out, but if you find something that isn’t working yet, just let us know.