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Nazareth College

• Nazareth College is one of the finest coeducational colleges in Rochester, New York.

• In the past few years, the college has been ranked amongst the greatest schools in the nation.

• The campus is spread across 150 acres and consists of many residential halls and academic buildings.

• Also, it facilitates many centers for the benefit of the college members and encourages them to interact more and develop healthy relationships.

• It was established in 1942 and since then it has been offering degrees at both graduate and undergraduate level.

• The College comprises four schools:
1. The School of Management
2. The School of Education
3. The School of Health and Human Services
4. The College of Arts and Sciences

• The college provides more than 40 undergraduate and graduate programs.

• Some of the degree programs are Art Education, Accounting, Physical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Communication and the like.

• Apart from regular courses the college also grants the following programs:
1. Honors Program
2. Work Based Learning Program
3. Bilingual Extension Program
4. Gifted and Talented Extension Program
5. Severe Disabilities Annotation Program

• On the whole, the college educates students in sciences, performing and visual arts, liberal arts and professional fields.

• The athletic department of the college strives to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship in the students.

• Nazareth student athletes are encouraged to nurture the feeling of healthy competitiveness and utmost care is taken for their health and welfare.

• Sports include basketball, volleyball, field hockey, cross country, golf, track and field, to name just a few.

• The college has been competing in NCAA Division III National Championship, Molten Division III National Championship and NCAA postseason tournament.

• The Art Center of the college houses departments of Music, Art and Theatre Arts.

• The Art Center includes galleries, studios, theaters that act as a platform for students to showcase their talents.

• The Hickey Center promotes strategies for treating everybody equally. Individuals here are from diverse race, faith, religion, ethnicity and gender.

• The aim of the center is to improve community wide communications.

• The Wellness and Rehabilitation Center offers various therapies like art therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and the like.

• There are more than 50 clubs and organizations.

• During their academic years, students participate in community services of some or the other kind.

• The college has successfully maintained a good reputation be it studies, athletics or community services.

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